Two sisters. In 2002 one disappeared without a trace. 20 years later, her daughter Agnes – now an adult – is still looking for her.
At the Reformed Center is the man who holds the key to this mystery.

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Agnes – Vajda Boróka | Irene – Tokai Andrea | Flora/voice – Olga Torök  | young Irene – Silvia Torök | young Zoli – Molnos András Csaba | Bence – Lajter Márkó Ernesztó | Zoli – Mátyás Zsolt Imre | Zsuzsi – Borbély B. Emilia | Real estate agent - Jancsó Előd | Lawyer – Hegyi Kincső | the pianist – Kocsárdi Levente | Martin – Balázs Attila | Viki – Etelka Magyars  | János – Kiss Attila | Drunk – Lőrincz Rita | Alps – Daniel Guidel | Petunia – Enikő Blénessy | Priestess – Anna Csabi

Directed by: Ana Mărgineanu | Text: Peca Ștefan
Associate director – Molnos András Csaba | Technical Director – Kertesz Eva | Set designer – Albert Alpar | Choreographer – Andreea Duța | Composer – Cari Tibor | Sound designer – Radu Racz | Graphics – Sergiu Lazin | Illustrations – Bianca Chiriac | Video – Sorin Mocan | Application – Adrian Lupei | Communication – Adina Palea | Producer – Ionel Mărginean | Production assistant – Maria Dombrov
German – Henrike Bradiceanu Persem, Rudolf Herbert
English – Carmen Tarniceru
Hungarian – Tímea Laslavics, Sütő Udvari Magdolna, Orbán Enikő

The plays Orașul Paralel: Iosefin (2021), Orasul Paralel: Fabric (2022) and Orasul Paralel: Elisabetin (2023) are part of a trilogy created by the director Ana Mărgineanu and the playwright Peca Ștefan, a series of immersive theater performances, original, based on documentaries in the 3 historical neighborhoods that take the viewer through fictional stories. In these stories, the viewer is immersed in a parallel world through which he is guided by the actors to see the neighborhood / city through other filters, in an intense and original experience. The experience created this year has two components: the performative part (the play) and the exploratory part (through an app), both of which provide clues to solve the mystery of a disappearance, the plot of Parallel City: Fabric. The performative show will take place on the Bega, on the ship, then in an interconnected labyrinth created at the Noul Mileniu Reformed Center
The show Parallel City: Fabric is part of the Urban Dilemmas: Parallel City project developed by the Diogene Cultural Association in co-production with the Hungarian State Theater "Csiky Gergely" and the German State Theater Timișoara, in collaboration with the Politehnica University Timișoara, with the support of the New Mileniu Reformed Center, the Timișoara Public Transport Society and CiviCultura. The project is part of the Cultural Program "Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" and is financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Center.