An immersive theatrical Wonderland

Parallel City: Party in Elisabetin concludes the trilogy The Parallel City created by director Ana Mărgineanu and playwright Peca Ștefan. An immersive theatrical Wonderland, Parallel City: Party in Elisabetin invites multiple viewings, the spectators being able to choose, at each performance, one of the 5 performative routes available. Each route has one or more characters as its protagonist: the parallel Lela, the policeman Edgar (one of the secondary characters in Parallel City: Iosefin), former typist Beata (one of the secondary characters in Parallel City: Fabric), the deaf influencer XO or members Lela Crew from Portal. Participants can discover several attractions: The Game of Life (which is played with a maximum of 6 players), the Tent of Secrets (with puppet theater), Maze of Mirrors, Forest of Whispers, Well of Time, Ocean of Continuity and The Land of Desires. 


(minimum 2 – maximum 6 players)
The Princess and the Countess have seen much and lived even more. Look for them to play the game that takes you on the Streets of Life. The best wins a noble domain. But be careful: one life, one chance! If you don't get a seat at the table, you can always assist.

The Parallel Dolls reveal the secrets of the Parallel City with stories from Iosefin, Fabric and Elisabetin. Find them for an intimate puppet show.

Listen to the forest where only whispers are spoken.

Can you spot the Parallel Man?

Look into the fountain and let yourself be carried away by the meanders of the past roads. Make a wish!

In life we are like a boat lost in the middle of an ocean. But drop by drop we arrive at Sense, even if at one point or another we find ourselves on Counter-Sense.

Start on the path of fulfilling your most burning desire.

"Not Good Enough"
Music and lyrics: Peca Ștefan
Arrangement, additional composition, mastering: Radu Racz
The fragment is interpreted by Patricia Gavril
Backing vocals: Borbély B. Emília, Carina Dumitru, Hegyi Kincső
Video: Cristina Bodnărescu


total immersion

Rules for the party

1. Dress funky! And include at least one pink or blue element in the costume.
2. Wear super comfortable shoes! You will have to walk, in some cases, around 500 meters. You will also climb stairs, move through space. Leave the heels at home. Our party is uber casual.
3. Come with a charged phone. And a pair of headphones, if possible. You will have to scan QR Codes that will give you an audio story. We don't offer phones, that would be really cool.
4. You can take photos, Insta Stories, TikToks and any other type of social media. We are not a boring theater. You have freedom! But tag us @orasulparalel


Help LELA open the Portal to return home to Parallel City. In 2002, when she was only 4 years old, Lela was trapped on Earth and separated from her parents. 15 places available. Starting place: str. Ioan Curea no. 1. Start time: 19:30 The route is available in Romanian, Hungarian, English.



Help the undercover colonel EDGÁR recover the Mist capture that disappeared from his ward. His investigation led him to Lela's secret party. You can also see Edgár in the Parallel City: Iosefin, Ruta Viki. 15 places available. Starting place: Petre Râmneantu str. no. 2 (the ASPC building). Start time: 19:30. The route is available in Hungarian, with a summary translation in Romanian and English.



Help the coolest deaf influencer, XO, track down the Dad Program where her father, the great inventor Leonid Wurm, coded his soul before he died. The Tata program is somewhere in the space of the secret party given by Lela. 15 places available. Starting place: Piata Crucii (at the cross). Start time: 19:30. The route is available in Romanian.



Go to the coolest secret party in Elisabetin and activate the Portal that will open the Parallel City. Explore theatrical Wonderland. 41 seats available. Starting place: Traian Lalescu str. no. 2 (on the steps at the Faculty of Construction). Start time: 19:30. The route is available in Romanian, Hungarian, English.



Help ex-typist BEÁTA find out why her boyfriend JÁNOS, a former janitor, signed up for the mysterious Game of Life at Lela's secret party. You can also see Beáta and János in Parallel City: Fabric. 15 places available. Starting place: bd. Vasile Pârvan no. 2 (UPT Library). Start time: 19:30. The route is available in Hungarian, with a summary translation in Romanian.


The parallel

The Elisabetin parallel is a non-performative route that can be explored at any time for free and contains audio recordings with real and fascinating stories of some residents of the neighborhood. The route will be launched in September.



Marko Adzic – MAX | Balázs Attila – Martini | Balló Helga – whist | Bandi András-Zsolt– Gandolfini | Beatrice Tudor – Memo | Borbély B. Emília – The bartender Maxi Miliana | Corina Dohanici – Daisy | Czüvek Loránd – Pierre | Erdős Bálint – Fanbase | Patricia Gavril – Doll | Mădălina Ghițescu – XO | Raluca Grumăzescu – Oki Parallel Doll | Hegyi Kincső – Lela | Olivera Iovanovici – Doki Parallel Doll | Jancsó Előd – EGE | Kiss Attila – János | Lajter Márkó Ernesztó – Kurt | Raul Lăzărescu – IC 149/Leonid | Lőrincz Rita – Beata | Lukács-György Szilárd – DJ Temptation | Etelka Magyars – Viki | Mihály Csongor – Parkour | Molnos András Csaba – Edgar | Octavia Petrisor – Dear Aunt | Andrea Tokai – One/Princess | Vadász Bernadette – Rózsa (Rosa Speedway) | Vajda Boróka – Two/Countess | Richard Vass – Petofi

Directed by: Ana Mărgineanu | Text: Peca Ștefan
Choreographer & Associate Director – Andreea Duță | Scenographer – Adrian Damian | Costumes – Maria Dombrov | Dolls – Bajko Attila & Foitik Karoly | Composer – Cari Tibor | Sound designer – Radu Racz | Video designer – Cristina Bodnărescu | Assistant director – Sebastian Dobrescu | Technical Director – Bálint Előd & Kertész Éva | Image – Alexandru Măciucă | Graphics – Sergiu Lazin & Alecsandru Rad | English translation – Peca Ștefan | Hungarian translation – Molnos András Csaba | Interviews – Mona Cosma | Communication – Adina Palea | Deaf interpreter and consultant – Angela Mate | Architectural light designer – Anda Maier | Lighting designer – Alin Popa | Producer – Ionel Mărginean | Production assistant – Cristian Petruș, Dariana Pau & Călin Tănase
Voice Routes: Lela (Hegyi Kincső) – RO/HU, Edgar (Molnos András Csaba) – RO/HU, Beata (Kiss Attila) – RO/HU, Caitlin Zoz – EN

The inspiration for "Before I die I want to..." -  Candy Chang. Direction and promo editing & making of: Anca Berlogea